• Safe Space Records [SSR001] - Music For Safe Spaces

    Digital Mastering

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  • Sound Transmissions [ST003] - Curios - Semaphore EP

    Digital Mastering

    The next release on Sound Transmissions comes from the up and rising artist Curios. This release is a demanding ride, but gives the listener great rewards. You will find a lot of delicacies and playful soundscapes.

  • Sound Transmissions [ST002] - Scode - Chain Reaction EP

    Digital Mastering

    The second release on Sound Transmissions comes from the mysterious artist Scode. It perpetuates the approach of Sound Transmissions to be unpredictable. Dubby dance floor tracks combined with playful UK garage grooves will establish the label and Scode as a force to be reckoned with.

  • Sound Transmissions [ST001 / STWAX001] - White Afghani - Elyx EP (feat. Turk Turkelton & DNAonDNA)

    Digital & Vinyl Mastering

    Sound Transmissions makes its first appearance with an EP by White Afghani. For his first Release on Sound Transmissions he teamed up with DNAonDNA and Turk Turkelton and delivers 7 Tracks somewhere between atmospheric Techno, Electro and Ambient.

  • RAIDERS [🍑 001] - Ghettoraid Vol. 1

    Digital Mastering

    Presenting a genre-bending, booty-shaking journey through tempo and taste, ranging from hyped up Bmore to electro-ghetto crossovers. Chicago infused IDM tracks sit alongside jukey breakbeats, dancefloor damagers and sensual set-closers.

  • Ausschussware [AWRW001] - AWRW001

    Production, Digital Mastering

    AWRW001 is a split EP featuring tracks from Ubahnrider and 95lux. Artificial confusion of the highest order.